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Hog Wild Barbecue

A Legend Since 2006

Some folks say Hog Wild Barbecue just happened to be for sale when Chris and Katy Robinson moved to Fort Collins in 2006. But meetings like this don’t just happen. It was fate. Chris was born in North Carolina, the Cradle of Cue, where barbecue isn’t just food, it’s a way of life. He was raised on the tangy bite of Carolina pork, chopped or pulled. But he’s eaten it all in a relentless quest for the best: Memphis style with dry rubbed ribs, Kansas City with sweet tomato and molasses sauce, Texas beef ribs and brisket with their spicy-hot kick.


Along the way Chris earned a degree in hospitality and met Katy Lubenow. A transplant from Wisconsin where she was weaned on bratwurst, Katie became an instant convert to cue, married Chris, and they headed west. Reunited with her family, they loved Fort Collins, but their taste buds ached for Carolina BBQ.


When Hog Wild came on the market, they knew instantly – if they wanted really great BBQ, they’d have to make their own. Chris knows memorable BBQ starts by carefully selecting the highest quality meats and slow-smoking them every day over pure hickory wood. The result is a mouthwatering, perfectly juicy, tender consistency combined with a heavenly, smoky flavor that is subtle, sweet, and natural - not dry, ashy, and bitter. Drawing on years of experience, Chris and Katy developed a secret family rub and house sauces that complement the meat’s rich natural smoke flavor without overpowering it.


Their goal is to provide you with the highest quality food, first-rate service, and a price you’ll like. Hog Wild specializes in southern style pulled pork sandwiches, finger-lickin’ ribs, BBQ beef brisket, and smoked chicken with a choice of three great house sauces: traditional hot or mild, tangy eastern North Carolina, and, if you want something different, spicy mustard sauce.


Since opening the original Fort Collins Hog Wild they launched a second location in Denver. Our award winning Denver location had to be closed to make way for a new city development You can also find them dishing up their great BBQ at Ram home games, festivals, and events across Colorado.  Hog Wild has been featured on television and in print as well as online and in a growing flood of Facebook and Twitter messages. It recently voted Best American Cuisine at this years Taste of Fort Collins and won the 5280 Magazine Editor's Choice Best Barbeque.


But the best reward for the Robinson Family is the smile on your face when you bite into the best BBQ in Colorado. So stop by for lunch, dinner, or take out. Go Hog Wild and cater your wedding, party, or corporate function, with our seriously great barbecue.


Be part of the legend.

Her father, Vince Lubenow handles the financial and administrative concerns. So far, things are going well. The former Badger and Tarheel fans are getting on the CSU Ram train and have food stands at home football games and a number of locations around campus.


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